Monday, January 30, 2012

A women's Power, Threads that Bind us to God by Fay A. Klingler

This is a warm inspiring book of faith, hope and love. It is a description of a woman belief in the higher being that has authority over his children. It is for all faiths and individuals, women, children and men who need uplift and to understand the power of having faith is indiscernible in human terminology. It is a guide to navigate through the madness we are experiencing in these hectic times. It has tales of people who doubt and people who believe in the mysteries of the good book and each were surprised by the miracles and blessings they received. The author emphasizes when one is afflicted with tragedy in their lives it is not a disastrous event rather it is a test to make us stronger or change our direction away from the false lies of the earthly realm and walk towards the light.

She has incorporated all the truths in the good book and directs the reader to not talk but act with conviction when you reach out to others and the Supreme Being and Holy Ghost. She recommends it is valuable to establish a connection with the Almighty and the Holy Ghost. As one reviewer, states “her stories, quotes, and wisdom offer hope and help to make our lives more deeply meaningful.”—Linda Eyre. Author of the #1 New York Times best seller Teaching Your Children Values

This quote sums up what this book is about; it is an alert for everyone to learn the truth of inner peace by connecting with the source of all in our lives and find the time to meditate and study the gospel to seek for the meaning of our lives. She declares we all come to earth with a mission and it is our jobs to seek the purpose of our existence. With this enriching book the author outlines the principles of how vital women are to the mission to spread the gospel and the unconditional message of love throughout the world, and it is everyone's responsible to do good works and be good role models. To be not afraid to preach the messages of the good book from the tops of the mountains to below the valleys until all hear the calling to come home to their rightful place at the Lord's Table.

This is an excerpt from the book; that I as a reader forget sometimes; With all the stress and chaotic world we live in the author is trying to tell her readers this is the link to find that center of peace to deal with any personal storms.

Regarding answer to prayer, if we practice listening—really listening—we concentrate on hearing or feeling what the Lord tells us rather than on what we want to hear or want to say. And we are patient, knowing the answer will come, but in the timetable of the Lord, since He sees the whole picture and we only see a puzzle piece at a time. While in distress, it may be difficult to stop our asking and concentrate on listening, but effective listening is essential to receiving comfort and guidance from the Lord. She states that everyone; is every day instruments that God uses to do His work

The author is very experience and an expert of holy knowledge and has steady fast love for the Savior and the Holy Ghost and is on a mission to write enlightening books that will open the individual's mind to the possibilities of serving a supreme being, listen to the Holy Ghost for advice and warnings, to be still and know I am God and obey his laws to receive rewards here on earth as thy will be done and in Heaven.

She writes excerpts from the scriptures and this too is one "my favorite—“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7)."

Which is a message and a sign if you are seeking inspiration, wisdom in a book and desire to seek the answers how to be a courageous woman in today’s times, I highly recommend this one. This book will introduce to the mysteries of the spiritual realm and strengthen the threads of your life with inner wisdom and connection to the mighty women you were destined to be.

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