Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversations with a Dead Man by Doug Lucas

Is a story of a man who reached 91 years 7 months and 5 days of life before dying. He is buried and even in death we connect with our loved ones and he knew this. So he is reaching out to a youngster telling him with a witty dry sense of humor about his life and his war experiences. .

This story brought memories back to me of sitting on the stoop of my grandfather's house located in the Bronx. In his Irish brogue he could relay stories of his life and experiences in World War I. I would sit there enthralled imagining the scenes in my mind so it was refreshing to read about another’s experiences during the birth of a nation.

This tale was written about the riches and sacrifices he John Wesley Elder and others who lived through during the birth of the American Nation. He was a man of many talents and enlisted in the militia and mingled with the great forefathers of our nation and expand on their actions. He described in vivid details his experiences of fighting the British, the French and the Indians and how it was an emotionally and physically exhausting battle but he'd do it again to be a free man and he believed everyone deserves the right to have authority over their own life, no master or king should be dictating their freedom.

The character, John Wesley Elder chats graciously about his victories and losses in life and how it affects him and everyone he loves. He even after death, is a teacher and reminds the youngster that he needs to respect, help and have dignity for everyone and strangers in our lives. He believes that paying forward there would be rewards and he does receive the greatest reward of all his children, his boys and girls visit his grave and they play pranks on each other. In all it was a colorful, witty tale and gave the reader a glimpse into American's birth, the hardship and love the colonists survive through. It ends with his dream of being united with his love once again. There were tears in this reader's eyes.

Here is an excerpt from the story; dry humor and warm but some graphic details about the first pioneers of this great nation.

John Wesley Elder

"Aged Ninety nine years, seven months and five daysDeparted this earthly life on the 22nd day of May 1834Servant of God and PatriotI'm dead now, so leave me alone.On the back of my marker, I had my son Seth carve:I helped you when I could, I can't help you now.You will have to do it on your own.Good Luck"

This is a biography of a witty and charming Irish lad that came to America to help her become a free nation and win in the fight against Mother England aiming for everyone's freedom; to become their own person and was the catalyst to create a powerful nation for future generations. Cheers to John Wesley Elder for being a warrior and gentleman in the times of creation of the good old USA and sharing his story life. In all it was a delightful tale reliving the days of being pioneers in a harsh nation, John shared his memories and history of a birth of a nation with a youngster and help him find insight to life.5 ravens

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