Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Prohibited By Hanz Moniefiero Medina

This brief story is of a dark disturbing nature; the author explores the taboo of domestic violence, mental illness, possession of the devil, and other taboos society is afraid to hear about, or acknowledge that it is occurring. To denied the reality of truth afraid to speak about and seek solutions, rather they would rather sweep all the evil under the rug and let the victims live with the consequences.

This story tells of a survivor’s journey through the abandonment, neglect and horrific events that plagued innocent children's lives and how they were broken or made stronger in their personal trials of misfortunate. The author is on the first journey of writing but with right teacher/mentor he could develop this story into an enriching tale of tragedy and victory or develop it into a teaching manual for others to be warned to be safe and not become a statistic to bullies in the world.

At times the story is very gripping and graphic it makes the reader almost gag with the reflux of anger and disgust and invades the consciousness to release their own demons or compelled them to think about helping another explore their painful past and encourage them to write the troubled details into a journal or story as a healing balm for themselves and strangers. The message love thy neighbor and tell others it is okay to not keep silent about taboos any longer. He is sending the message to victims to talk to a trusted adult or professional, someone they trust if someone is hurting them and have it stop before it affects their future. This reader believes in paying forward motto and this author is of the similar thought pattern.

This story has some unique symbolism and poetry language but it needs more substance to expand the plot more. It deserves 5 stars for exploring the dark demons taboos for he is courage to open a communication channel for frightened victims to trust themselves and to not stay silent in their personal misery. He plots the story around an endearing child, who grows bitter but knows deep inside his core he needs to forgive his enemies if he is to release himself from the prison his reality became. I needed my tissue box to read through several paragraphs.

This author dives into a world of reality that is scary and very true in today's times. It is situated around mixed marriages, family conflict and personality flaws and decisions which affect innocent children every day. There is vulgar language in it but makes the story flow since it is a realistic story with realistic characters living through their own personal storms. If you like this touching story the author is planning to continue with book 2. You can find the book on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com and there is a Facebook Page to read more about what the future holds for endearing Syd and his experiences from bitterness to forgiveness.


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  1. Hello Readers,

    I'm the Author for I'm Prohibited, So, i have got word yesterday that My Ebook, I'm Prohibited will be STAGED for a THEATRE PLAY! in Asia.


    Thank you so much. I've reduced the price of the ebook to $2.99 on both Amazon and Smashwords. Refer link to the review above by the sweet Susan Mahoney :D