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This book was a challenge, at first I was gripped by the sheer brutality in this story and my heart did not want to continue reading it. I had to break away from it due to a haunting past of my own journey with DV. I went to the back of the book to find out more about the author and get a better perspective about continuing this book, I realized it was from a young author who already had a book published and I read it in the past. One which touch my soul; it was a poetry book fill with cascading emotional poetry and stories which open the gates to critical and emotional thinking, stimulating to the mind. So I continue to read it with an objective mind for I realized the author was passion about domestic violence and writes to spread the message it robs an individual of their dignity and self-worth and no one should have to experience it.

She wrote her plot to include strong characters and the bonds they all have with each other and the interaction of their relationships in the midst of threats, danger, chaos and domestic violence in the royal times of kings and Queens. The kingdom is attacked and the new king is merciless. The story is set in the early witch days when women were alleging accused of real and fake criminal offenses to be arrested, tortured and burned at the stakes; horrific crime in itself. The author is very creative with her writing and has the witches targeted by the military of the Black Guards to become the prisoners of these soul less abusers who think woman are nothing except scum of the earth and they are on a rampage to destroy as many women and children as possible with brutal torture, slavery, etc. methods.

Except a strong heroine is destined to change the fate of the kingdom comes to the rescue and she suffers the consequences of being courageous against the brutes not to be a victim but a victor. So the graphic details of the violence was understandable the ingredients necessary to spin this magical tale of mystery, suspense and the truth of love over comes hate in any situation tale. In between there is courageous actions and a breath of relief as the characters fought and won against the brutes. The element of surprise, swords and bow and arrows add substance to the story too. Also don’t forget the romance between the heroine and her dark handsome protector that is sizzling.

One paragraph stood out for this reader;
"There in the flames of spellbinding anger, there in the grace that had bestowed her with the strength to move on, and there in the beating will that was her aunt’s heartbeat within her, in the end not even human-hungry flames that had haunted her nightmares and her darkest hour could stop her from breaking through the chains and being fearless."

This book has allot of potential, it has quality, poetry, vengeance and justice mixed in and the intrigue of the adventures and bonds with human and animals in the magic kingdom of fairy tales and mystery expresses a vital message for all to hear and recognize everyone, be it woman, man or child everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. If you like stories of overcoming the odds and winning, this one is for you. 4 Ravens

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