Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cry for the Children Review by Author Saurabh Sharma

I really enjoyed reading this book by Author Susanna Mahoney. Here is the review:

Excellent Display of how forces of nature operate!


When I started reading the story of the book, I assumed after reading a chapter or two that this story was about an innocent wife and her cruel husband (a victim of child abuse) and how their lovely daughter suffers because of their fights.
But as the story progressed, with all it’s twists and turns, I realized that it was something more than that. I started feeling more and more interested in the depth and the hidden moral messages in the story.

We have all heard of Yin and Yang theory. We know that good and bad forces operate simultaneously and it’s their balance/equilibrium which keeps the wheel of life running smoothly. But there is a hidden ambition in everyone to dominate others and we all know that there is always a struggle between good and evil people. Sometimes, we even face the dilemma of choosing one out of two at certain point of time in our life.

Some people choose to be good while others choose to be bad and a few people are always selfless. There are also few people who are always ready to switch the sides.
May be that is how the good and bad forces continuously struggle to co-exist and thrive to dominate each other. May be we are all the mediums through which these forces manifest themselves.

This is the story about that struggle and when you will finish reading this story, you will ask few questions to yourself:
1. Do I respect my beloved or Does my beloved care for me sincerely?
2. Am I the son of light or a slave of an evil dark force?
3. Am I selfless in my actions and behavior?
4. What if, I am one of the soldiers in the battle of good and evil?
5. What kind of legacy will we leave to future generations?
We all know that good defeats the evil in the end, but it’s always amazing to see how some people sacrifice their life and families for the whole humanity and still ask for nothing in return.

This story motivates us to be good and fight with our demons.
With Christmas on the cards, this was a very special read for me and thanks to the author of this book for writing such a wonderful depiction of how the light wins over darkness!

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A special thank you to who wrote this review; check out his page; His book is an adventure exploring the mind.

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