Sunday, December 25, 2011

In His Truth The Prophetic Words of Stephen A. Hanson

This author wanted to share his visions and messages to the masses; to inform all to give their time and lives to the Almighty Lord in the coming New Year. For Christmas day I decided to purchase this short book to read. It is based on biblical verses and messages from the author representing the Lord about the state of chaos the world, especially America is in and her downfall if the Children do not wake up in time. He explains it is all due to confused minds, split of the political parties and other wicked trickery there is a chasm growing and the Father is asking for His children to hear his quiet voice in the wind and repent turn away from the busyness of their hectic lives. To take time to devote their energies into the scriptures and prepare for the coming of the difficult times ahead. To leave the earthly realm behind and worship the Holy Father words. Come together in unity to pray for mercy.

The message is the Father is asking His children to bond with him in a personal relationship and believe in Him and his promises and for the righteous to seek for the lost and help them find the way, the truth and the life. Most important Love thy God, self and neighbor during the harsh times coming upon the horizon and to serve with praise and song for it is only temporary until we meet Him in his heavenly kingdom. If you believe, the storms will be less threatening with the Holy Spirit protecting all who believe in the impossible. Be safe, not sorry; seek your savior before the darkness sets upon the lands. It is written in a neat little package and a wonderful gift to give others to open their eyes, ears, minds and hearts to the unseen. The underlying message Have faith and strength in the coming season for your Father loves You and desires to be a merciful Father to all willing to listen to his voice.

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