Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dealers of Light

Laura Nance the author of Dealers of Light describes on her website that she loves the unusual... the unexpected. I'm a curious explorer of new worlds and new experiences. That's why I ended up writing paranormal fiction. There's no limit to the settings or capabilities of my characters. If you enjoy the mysterious and the unexplained...then welcome... explore and enjoy!"

This is her link to website to found out more about her books;

Dealers of the Light story is a testimonial to the author's description above; it is a supernatural tale of suspense, mystery and adventure. It is about energy, good and bad and how the chosen ones used it for good or evil. There is evil overtaking the land and the wonderful characters, team players all are responsible to stop the madman and his henchmen from making the whole world into the walking dead and take advantage of the weak by sending sublimely messages to the masses while robbing them blind.

There is a burning romance in the works but past wounds prevent the dark mysterious Rolf from opening his heart to love once again. The female, Cara is a feisty independent woman, a possible Egyptian royal in her former life and is not afraid to take on challenges, fighting dark villains and helping Rolf to find his true balance in his long life. The twists and the events keep the reader compelled to continue the story to the conclusion. Plus there are charming pets intertwined into the tale that are brave and defend their owners against the henchmen.

This author is talented in putting together a plot that taunts the senses and incorporates all elements from supernatural, to fantasy to present a thrilling adventure of good vs. evil, fear vs. courage and victory for the fierce warriors in the battle to save the human race. It all it is an enriching fantasy to enjoy.

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