Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

A truly amazing tale of fantasy of facing questions, doubts, fears and deep sorrow not in the earthly realm but in a magical wonderland of tests and trials for a lost soul who was to suffer the challenge of losing her two year old to brain trauma and had to live with the guilt. Until it consumed her mind, body and soul; causing the defense mechanism to develop causing fear and guilt from preventing the wounded person from living a full life of happiness and enlightenment. Until she is drawn into a mysterious realm where she has to face and conquer her fears and learn to forgive herself for the dark thoughts we all think when confronted with desperate pain and choices.

The mother suffers a trauma and as she lies in a coma she is transported to a Netherlands of wondrous adventures and meets creatures of all sorts who help, chase and assist her on the journey of forgiveness and a new beginning.

It was a thrilling and mind stimulating story to share with others. It could open the mind to explore 'what if' and how thoughts transform life every day.

This author is very talented and shares her personal journey to help others to heal and learn forgiveness to move forth during difficulties.

It is not all heart wrenching, it is fun and exciting to read as the character goes on a quest to locate the cup and finding herself along the way.

In the author's words;
“What now?” she asked.
“Touch it again,” encouraged Jenny. This time Charley found her face falling into the sticky surface of the door. Automatically closing her eyes until her head felt free and still, she dared to open them to see billions of figures, scuttling like ants, almost covering part of the Earth’s surface.
But it was the jumble of thunderous sounds, indistinguishable to her ears, which caused her heart to quicken.
Pushing back against the pressure behind, she heard squelching as her head was gradually freed, the opening she’d made immediately sucking itself back into place with a jerk.
“W…What was that?” she stammered.
“You were seeing the world as it is now…everyone rushing, thinking only of themselves, not remembering the past or each other. “

Definitely recommend this book for fun reading and exploring the unknown.

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