Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tourist ...damaged goods by Jack Everett and David Coles; Highly smashing and spellbounding

A mystery that will keep you spellbound.

The Tourist is a modern day entertaining tale about a Sherlock Holmes detective story with colorful characters, a mystery unraveling around an operator who became a victim of shady culprits who used him as a killing machine against terrorists and other war causalities. After an injury he is locked away in an asylum and his superiors used manipulative medications that messed with his brain chemistry and confuses his perception of reality causing amnesia and flashbacks which disoriented his judgment of right and wrong.
He escapes from his jail and goes back to the United States where his impulses of fight and flight are triggered. He becomes a serial killer and the American and British security forces are on a chase looking for clues to locate this madmen before he murders again. In his travels he has one goal and that is to find what he craves and no one is going to stop him from attaining it...

This story was a light and easy read to follow with all the descriptive characters adventures and a hint of a possible relationship mixed in. This kept this reader enthralled with it to the conclusion of the investigation as the British copper and an American sheriff cooperate together to capture an evasive and clever killer.

In the author’s words “Anything been touched or moved?”
“You should know me better than that by now, none of us has touched anything. The boy, the woman’s teenage son, found her. He said he phoned the doctor as soon as he saw her color so I don’t think he touched her either. Oh, he found that knife on the floor, it’s his Mother’s and he just picked it up.”
I moved carefully around the room, noting the position of the body, the clothes lying on the floor and stopped when I came to the knife resting on the bedside table.

This genre is not usually my first choice but this author’s writing and humor in solving the crimes has convinced me to read more like this from this writer in the future. His descriptions of Leeds and surrounding territories had me transported to the little towns and villages in my mind. A sweet tea and crumpet and a warm fire is all you need to let your mind wander and wait in anticipation for the finality and the promised twist. You will not regret reading this gripping tale.

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Also available at and other retailers.  A nice gift for the holidays and Sherlock Holmes Fans.   5 stars

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