Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Directionless Son of the Brain by Saurabh Sharma

Author :
Saurabh Sharma
The Directionless Son of Brain
This book explores the dilemma of which direction do we choice to take. It describes the lost journey of finding oneself vs. societal norms and introduces the concept of being true or false to selves. The writer's style uses psychology as its foundation. This author blends all self-identification concepts together, as the characters goes on a journey and discovers self and purpose. The plot aids the reader to think about their own destiny and make them desire to reevaluate their choices and regrets, and find a peaceful center to their existence. It brings the reader into the mysterious world of values, morals and judgment, which is mind inspiring.

This story makes the reader questioned how we all have real and false masks we wear, should it be unmasked and just accept ourselves and accept our differences that do not fit in the norm of civilization and be at peace with the decision. As the character explores to understand the concepts of societies configuration he continues exploring his inner soul awareness. He continues to explore the meaning of his destiny he meets all sorts of egos, greed, selfishness, and compassion and others that confronts him and prompts him and the reader to explore their own beliefs.

He receives insights to tap into his inner guidance to choose the right or wrong choices to walk or not his chosen path. This book is entertaining, especially for psychological, spiritual and readers who like to investigate the essence of life and be willing to ponder the question of developing into a higher personal transformation to become their own true individual against all psychological odds and seek their true calling., also can be purchase at Barnes and Nobles and

This book stimulates the mind, rates at 5 stars.  This book is a recommendation for students exploring psychology and insight of freewill and all willing to explore the unknown mysteries of the human brain and thoughts.

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