Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Author January Valentine, Head Over Wheels

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Author January Valentine of Head  Over Wheels  (spicy  romance)

Head over Wheels, by January Valentine, is the right title for this delightfully spicy romance novel. It is scrumptious from page one to the end. It opens with a breathtaking poem and awesome artwork.  It steams ahead into the sensual dream of the main character, Jewelia Delarosa.  She meets a delightful treat of a sexy man in the cafe, and the fantasies to reality start to spin out of control.

Set in Manhattan, the story centers around two ambitious college women studying to be professionals. Their bond is like a younger version of Sex in the City characters, deep and committed. Set in a modern style of Manhattan's fast-paced life and infused with delicious romance, it is an enthralling read for mature audiences.

When Jewelia tells her roommate, Emma, about the gorgeous hunk who catches her eye, the two girls cook up a plan on how to attract his attention the next time she runs into him. Ah, the intrigue and the scheming kept this reader entertained.

Then the fateful meeting was not to be, for intervention and competition faulted Jewel, but she was not one to give up. In the midst of scheming, Jewelia, Emma and police detective buddy are chummy and life rolls on. Jewel is volunteering for a bike-a-thon, and living the city's life with all it thrills and surprises.

The author has a unique style of writing that compels the reader to want to see what will happen next. There are little insights which warm the reader's heart, then again the spicy romance that makes it steamy hot. This story is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, which is one of the threads that kept the story flowing and interesting. Ah, the situation is set, and the bait is ready, and the two will meet, either by destiny or coincidence.

Jewelia and Indigo  continue to dance around each other, learning, exploring and discovering each other. Roommate Emma is also surprised by a flash of the past and the saucy romance ignites as secrets unfold between the four college professionals.

The suspense, conflicts, and events are exciting and hints of desire titillating. The conclusion is powerful. This reader recommends this book for those who seek steamy romance. You may want to research this author and preview all her other books and if they are like this one, they too are definitely a reader's paradise. 

I highly recommend Head Over Wheels spicy romance, written with a poetic and modern creativity of future promises and dreams coming true through a revenge plot and personal life storms. The author takes the reader on an exciting experience, following the characters as they struggle to discover what fate has in store for them.


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