Friday, June 7, 2013

celebrating the Release of two anthologies, following Angels Cried, and others coming soon from the Indie Community we care

  • Unified Literary Artists of compassionate poets, artists and authors came together to create and publish two anthologies, April Rains and United We Stand for the West Texas Plant Explosion and the Boston Marathon. We wanted to aid the survivors and agreed literature would be a beneficial gift. All proceeds will be donated to the charities helping the survivors.  As we celebrated heroes, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and all affected.

    Books, Food for the Soul, 13th of June, come and aid the survivors and bring a smaller planet closer together with light, peace and love. 

The Books, anthologies, are of African, American and international flavoring. I think back to the days when my grandmother use to made homemade soup, to help pass through a darkness. She would put in the stock, the meat and vegetables, with a pinch of this and that. The aroma of the soup would fill the kitchen with comfort, love and reassurance that all will be well again. ULA wanted to do the same, with a pinch of love, and compassionate to create diverse and supporting anthologies. April Rains, for the West Texas Plant Explosion and the United We Stand for the Boston Marathon tragedies. Reading the inspiring poetry and stories brings back the days in grandmother's kitchen. Comfort, love and reassurance. So please come and preview and know that if you invested in the anthologies, you are helping the survivors and bringing the world closer together. A small planet with a loving heart. ♥

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