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Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery) Barbara Silkstone (Author)

Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery) Barbara Silkstone (Author)


Hot on the trail of Cleopatra’s grave all we had to do was get from Cairo to the Temple at Taporisis. Morning sunlight glared from the muddy surface of the Nile. Six floors down a body in white sprawled in a splat of blood. My first official kill as a tomb raider and it was an ashtray-rubout. How embarrassing. Professor Roger Jolley and I were in the first trimester of our third archaeological case. The adrenalin high of tomb raiding had become an addiction. As we sat in the Smiling Camel CafĂ© I noticed Roger was wearing two left shoes. Brown wingtips. We were definitely starting off on the wrong foot.

Cairo Caper (A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery)

Author Barbara Silkstone has done it again with her next book: Her writing is exciting, hilarious, and a cross between Indiana Jones and modern comedy. She has incorporated a style that compels the reader to see what wild event will happen in the next scene. The plot and setting are reminiscent of Indiana Jones.

The story is written with intelligent, sarcastic humor that keeps on rolling. Wendy Darlin, archeologist Roger Jolley and a cast of billionaire oligarchs and loopy street peddlers all race to find Cleopatra’s tomb. If you like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft adventures, you will really enjoy a lighter look at their escapades. The author adds in delightful descriptive details, and even some are clues. 

In all the witty journey make this a keeper, as Silkstone’s other books are. Her writing is light reading for those moments when you need a laugh and a decent book to pass the time and raised the spirits when all is not true with the world.
My favorite part was the invisible cat scratching rubbing against Wendy’s legs. Was it a hallucination or something more?

This reader highly recommends this book for all ages over early teens. A ‘little birdie, a messenger and her partner the author’s cat told this reader to be on the lookout for clues in the story to win many great prizes so be ready to play scavenger hunt, after reading this adventurous mystery and comedy all mixed in one suspenseful story. Clues are hidden throughout the book. 

The prizes for finding the correct answers are hidden in the story are great. They range from an Indiana Jones fedora to engraved luggage tags, and even a pair of red high-heel pumps.

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A Newsflash...

I hope to send out my first clues for things that are hidden in the book. I'll be asking a question every few weeks. The answers are hidden in the book... like a quote from a movie that won an Academy Award. The correct answerers get their name put in a bowl. My cat will pull the winners names. 

I will be giving away Wendy's Indiana Jones hat, her red high heels, dog-tags (military style) with Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider on the tags. They are really gorgeous gunmetal gray stainless steel.  Attention: Readers and Fans lots of prizes over the coming month(s).Be on the watch do not want to miss this great book and promotion. 

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