Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tripe Dog Dare by author KS Brooks and Stephen Hise

Triple Dog Dare by KS Brooks and Stephen Hise.

There are times when the one is in a rut or wandering the desert seeing mirages and desperate for a desire to quench their thirst. Upon discovering they are mirages - poof they are unfulfilling, and one is left empty looking for a stimulating story. As an avid reader, this summer seemed to my season of mirages of not finding a book that feeds a reader’s cravings. Well I struck gold with Triple Dog Dare. I was surfing Facebook, and saw an interesting promotion for a light romantic comedy book. I observed it was written by two well-known authors with many successful books in their portfolio. Curiosity got the cat and I took the plunge.
I uploaded the book, and I can attest from page one to the last this tale was a delightful read. It involves various characters from humans to animals. The plot is a roller coaster of entertainment as the characters are all involved in suspenseful mysteries and adventures that are hilarious and complex with twists. All compelled the reader to stay up late to read. Some of the story had me laughing so hilariously, the sound of my joy awoke a 10–week-old slumbering puppy.
This tale and its plot was refreshing, one that stimulated all five senses with the twists, clichés all written in the right pretense, so that a reader is champing, scolding and laughing along with the characters, and all the mischief they all seemed to be involved in.
As a reader I do not favorite authors, I give five stars to the literature and this book Triple Dog Dare definitely deserves 5 stars.
This book is power-packed with sly remarks, clichés and refreshing perspectives of various schemes, yet written with an ease so that a reader is entertained to see what will happen next. This story was a quenching plunge of recharging. In fact after I finished this, I will go back as my puppy is sleeping and read some chapters over again as they are plotted to raise one’s spirits and open the flood gates to once again pick up a book and enjoy reading again, and let authors know they rock.
Best of all it has doggies and colorful characters and a light romantic comedy with clichés that stimulates the mind. My favorite is
“Terri chuckled. She then suggested Flashdog, about a dog who always wanted to be a legitimate dancer, but worked as a stripper to pay the bills while looking for his big break. Bianca tossed out Dog of the Dead, a book about Lo-Lou fighting a zombie-dog apocalypse. Terri blurted Pride and Prejudice and Milkbones, the same story, but told from the dog’s point of view, and with more peeing. Bianca countered with Star Dogs, a story about a young, restless dog named Lo-Luke Dogwalker who joined the rebel alliance to fight the evil Bark Vader.”

To sum it up, this is a cute and great-escape tale. It is funny while at the same time it has conflict, mystery and back stabbing, with romantic lures. All the ingredients that kept a reader
entertained for awhile. I highly recommend this book. It is written well and filled with conspiracies, schemes and of course the little white lies that spin out of control leading to a revenge sweet plot which backfires. The story is complete with delightful details and of course adorable dogs and colorful characters. All mixed in the midst of stimulating adventures. I bet you as a reader will not be disappointed with this light romantic comedy.

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