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Bitter Cold by Author Adam Santo and Be in the Spotlight March 26th, 2013

Be in the Spotlight with Author Adam Santo   March 26, 2013


Meet the Author

Adam Santo is the author of the novel Temperature: Dead and Rising. Follow him on GoodreadsFacebookTwitter,MySpace,  Shelfari,  Wordpress , Amazon Author's PageAdam's Blog, and the Author's Den to name a few.
    So far you're wondering who the heck is this guy. Well, I ask that same question everyday to myself but nobody cares to comment back. When the mime in me finally replies you will be the second to know it.
    For what it's worth - I have had a passion for writing since I was a teenager. Had I known what I do know I would have chased after that dream of creative writing, but alas, as any teen would tell you, "I have better things to do with my life right now - like stand around the mall's food court for starters."
    Yes, just stood there. We really never did anything except eat at the food court and stretch out across the benches the mall provided. Such was the life as a youth. What cares would I have to worry about? Come to think of it now I have rent, bills, food to put in the refrigerator, gas for the car, a car payment ..... you get the point. No one under eighteen, mostly, cares what will come when free room and board disappear. Sure roommates work out for a while, however, in the long run a person gets tired of picking up all the pizza boxes the next morning to prepare for that night's date. I think I have run off on a tangent. Sorry.
    I joined the Army a few years after getting out of high school. The funny thing about it was I had originally went to the recruitment center to enlist into the Air Force. They weren't open that day, but the Army's doors were. As it was, I didn't last long in the military and so I moved on to installing cable (my choices for a new career the Army's MOS offered dwindled down to a tank driver - not much out there for that kind of work). I fixed cable TV for 13 years before I made time to finish my novel.

That folks is my life in a nutshell.

(Short version) Adam Santo was born and raised in Southern California. He joined the Army for a short lived career as a soldier. Currently, he lives and writes in Florida with his family and faithful dog, Copper.
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We are a small publishing brand for the author, Adam Santo. New and exciting things are afoot. Adam is a self published author that uses several different publishing companies to bring his work to you. And, because of this very reason, he has chosen to brand all his future novels under our banner. We are proud to have Adam as one of our most popular writers on staff. We hope you agree.
YouTube links:"Wars" by Hurt inspired the first novel."Bitter End" by Veer Union inspired the second. (Both song are at the end of the novels.)


Bitter Cold By Adam Santo

This reader has finished Author Adam Santo, second book in his Temperature Trilogy,   Bitter Cold. It is a complex intrinsic tale, mixed with supernatural plot and setting. It has vampires, zombies, witches, even the Boogey Men, Big Foot and so much more.  It is a mysterious and suspenseful tale. It has off color humor and common scene narrative between the characters.  It has thrilling moments that makes the reader jumped and wonder what will happen next. The tale explores a female zombie being taken hostage by the madmen of the Cross. It is a hidden glimpse of how some faiths were distorted in their witch hunting and discriminated against anyone who was different or did not fit the “norm” of society at one time or another.

They were deemed suspicion and judged guilty before innocent. The witch hunters, The Cross this time always have a motive to discredit and experiment upon abnormal species, this time it is Sally, a zombie that was gifted with the ability to raise the dead and other hidden powers, which she comes to discover on her path of her adventures.

It continues with a sarcastic zombie, Bo, who with the help of a cranky but cunning witch fighting the unknown, vow  to rescue the feisty female zombie, who is coming into her powers, able to rise the dead, and The Cross does not like it.  The Cross council, kidnaps her and has their torture methods to put fear in their captives, especially ones in their kingdom who do not fit their definition of societal standards.  The suspense and conflicts continue non-stop through the author's style of writing that kept this reader enthralled into the story. There is suspense, exciting moments, mixed with folklore, mythology and modern descriptions of incidents that weaved through the story and fit comfortably, not confusing to a thrill seeker.  It goes many places from the earthly realm, to the middle limbo and underground back to the earthly realm.

The plot switches from the past to the present, moving at a fast pace.  The characters are unforgettable from the fiery female zombie, honorable Big Foot creature protecting her and of course the knight Bo rescuing Sally with help of the dead.  This reader was not bored, for there are many battles with the supernatural creatures’ supernatural in the woods and in other planes. The best part was the travelling between realms of the Ghost Train all events leading to events even a mystery assignment from the gate keeper who holds the key to the portal to the living realm.
The tale has complex relationships and supernatural energy twists throughout the whole story along with humorous wit.   It concludes with an intriguing end or beginning of what the future holds? The reader will have to see for themselves. Highly recommend if as a reader you are into the supernatural, folk-tales ancient tales and witty humor as it could be a rescue adventure, coming of powers and what lies ahead for a powerful catalyst in the realm of the supernatural?

This reader enjoyed the incidents when Bo rescues Sally and their chase away from the Cross, is haunting, she uses her magic and creates an escape route and they ditch their stalkers.  To escape into the limbo realm where they  have to board the Ghost Train and travelled further on a destiny to accomplish finding a lost bracelet and return it back to the Gate Keeper to open the portal back to the earthly realm.  They arrived in the earthly realm, and Sally’s discovers the truth about her friendship with Bo, this tale touches many emotions, from laughter to anger and cheers the characters to make it through. It is a suspenseful thriller which will keep the reader attentive to the next action, to be delighted with the promise of more to come.

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