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Authors,  Shayne McClendon,  karli Rush and friends are having a True Irish party with Books Give-Aways, this weekend, of March 16th-17th, grab your kindle and reader device and come join the fun and see Irish Hospitality at it's best.  

Crescent Bound (Book 1) -

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bewitching August 3, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
It is the first words in the introduction was the spark that compelled me to continue to read it. The beginning of chapter one the author have me, I was hooked with the plot and its possibilities.

It opens with the main character as a little girl, Alyssa dreaming as her father tells her a supernatural tale of their long ago family history about two young people destined to be together but the male character Donovan has to be recognized and accepted by the council to be able to request for the maiden's hand in marriage.

He sets off on a journey to seek the most precious treasure he can find and bring back to the village to prove his worth. Along the way he trips over another supernatural creature trapped in the roots of a tree.

In repayment of being rescued, the stranger gave Donovan what he was looking for and he brings it back to the council. The question after the quest is finished do the young couple lives happily ever after or not? And how does a missing 8th witch coven have to do with a young teenager life, 800 years later?

The plot goes on with the main character as a high school student and living the daily grind and events- of an extraordinary human, for she is a witch and needs to stay cloak in the human realm to not alert the humans to her abilities. Her only release is her two best friends to practice witchcraft with, try not to get into mischief and stay under the radar

As the story continues she describes the life she lives, drag racing, her fear to not become involved with a human as a mate. She is trying to obey the laws of the coven for they only believe in life matches of witches for life.

The way the author writes the plot it is easy to get involved as if you are part of the book.
It is written with easy conversational humanistic comments that kept this reader attentive to the details of the story.

The witches are divided in to the elements group and depending upon their element, they are given certain powers, the main character's is fire, when she is under stress and cannot contain her emotions she sparks and can burn someone if not careful, like when she is thinking about her first break up with her ex, David or the cute guy Marc who is hitting on her, not accepting no when he asks her for a date;

Events arise in the plot and she has to gain control repeating to self "He is not a witch" and gradually wants to let him down gently yet cannot stop thinking about him, gorgeous Marc.

She speaks to her dad when he arrives home from his trip, about her conflicting emotions. Only To discover a dark secret and is given the responsibility of getting closer to the dreamy guy, who will not leave her alone. She decides to have a relationship with him, and as the story gets more exciting she starts to unravel the clues about the mysterious cute guy and her destiny.

Meanwhile she continues on with her secret life as a teen witch, enjoying drag racing with her dad, partying with her friends and guarding her heart from her first love that broke it. He, David wants her back and pulls out all his charms to win her back she is flatter but confused by his attention.

The plot continues with hints of intimacy; written as very delightful descriptive scenes full of romantic attention which would make any female swoon over his masculine approach to win her back.

Yet Marc is also competing for her attention; she is in the midst of a trio, her ex - David and the new guy Marc, it becomes quite intense at times. This story is a mystery, supernatural and a battle of light and good which are all factors to make it stimulating to the reader at the same time and turning pages to see what will happen next, so many events and conflicts.

In the author's words;

"We walk to my car after school; Kelly's car is next to his, so that gives her an excuse to be standing by his car. I was taught that we don't go looking for trouble, the whole do no harm oath. I will say this, witches don't like confrontations, but we will protect ourselves and the ones we love."

I open my car door and say "I will see you tonight. Just follow those directions and meet me by the office about 7:30."

"I will definitely be there." He says as he walks to his car.

I start my car up and think what am I doing? Bringing a human to "hang out" with witches? Have I completely lost my mind, I know dad has good intentions. I just hope this is not a mistake and the night doesn't turn out to be a complete disaster."

The author has the creative insight of including witches spells and traditions though out the story, using all the items, the candles, the magic and the chants.

It is white magic witches powers, the light of goodness, to not harm another but to protect their loved ones in case of danger.

This phase caught this reader's attention:

"Element of water, I call on thee, bring forth your energy. By the powers of three purify the mind, body and spirit within me, element of water, bringer of life; wash away the negative energies and strife. Seal the purity of only love and light in this blessing.

Goddess, hear me, so mote it be."

The plot continues with a macho fight between the ex-David and Marc; this reader was rallying for one of them; the question will be will the loser have to have his memories wipe with a erase memory spell or will he blend into the hidden world of witches and her the royal covens?.

You will have to read this YA and adult story about this young witch and her destiny and what mysteries lies ahead for her and her friends. As a reader I have not found a refreshing book about witches, and their secretive lives written so intensely. This enchanting story is entertaining, it is a light and dark story, full, with action and twists as two forces battled each other and the witches struggle through the darkness and explore their destinies and what is meant to be. "So mote it be."

recommend for 18+ for graphic content.


Raven Bound (Book 2) -

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5.0 out of 5 stars Witches, Light vs. Dark Magic; intense, romantic and suspenseful,September 3, 2012

This review is from: Raven Bound - Book 2 (Crescent Bound Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)
It is a story about witches, covens and mysteries and their beliefs, continuation of the first book Crescent Bound. It starts with Alyssa and Marc bonded as a married couple and their love is so deep they can feel each other's pain or confusion when separated. The author starts the story off with the couple and friends and their hobbies which was cars such as Mustangs and top of the line motorcycles, and their daily interaction with their friends who are all witches.

It was entertaining to read about their outings and other interests, such as the songs, clothing and other daily topics young people are interested in. Then the story becomes more chilling as Alyssa is in trouble and goes missing. She was kidnapped and her husband Marc who is an ice element is very lost and furious that he did not protect her. Marc, her father, who is the Head Witch and others covens come together and planned a search and rescue Alyssa mission.

Meanwhile Alyssa, an unique and powerful witch not aware of all of her powers just yet was held captive by a cruel Dr. Jekyll and Hyde powerful dark witch, Nate, and he is cruel to her, punishing her, torturing her and keeps her disoriented, stealing her goodness, her light and turned her towards the darkness he craves. He is abusive and used black magic and poisoned herbs to erase her memory of all good in her life, her Marc, family and friends. This intention was to manipulate her into using her gifts of healing and other talents for Nate and his henchmen to be healed when they are injured by their human hostages, who struggled against their captivity.

Alyssa in her disoriented drugged state realizes Nate was a madman and he wants authority of all witches covens by destroying one coven at a time and targets for another and Alyssa was the key to unlock his future reign of dominance of the witch's realm, declaring her as his alleged life-mate and brainwashed her to obey only his commandments.

Her husband who is hot and sensual sensed her dilemma and felt all her emotional and physical pain she was enduring and desperately wants her back and safe in his embrace. They followed leads and when they challenged the dark witch and his henchmen in a battle of the elements they are defeated and retreated but come back for another match and this is when the intensity of the story becomes interesting and compelled this reader to stay up late to see justice given to the bad guys and Alyssa path back to recovery.

The dark magic toxins were coursing through her veins and it might be too late for the high twelve witches of the world to reverse the spell. Marc and all who loved Alyssa waited in anticipation to welcome the old Alyssa or a stranger back to their lives. The passion and the love they have for each other was sensual enough to make this reader to desired to have a glass of ice cold water next to her when reading the intimate connection between the two life mates. It was refreshing details of hints of their commitment to each other and all they cared about, which is more alluring then right out description. The conclusion was breath-taking and the glimpse into the witches' rituals was exhilarating to feel the goodness and light pour out of the pages.

Author's words: "Some secrets are not meant to be kept...and so it is with the dark Brotherhood of the Raven, in their reach for control they find a secret that leads them in pursuit of the daughter and heir to the most prominent coven in existence." Once they possess her the real challenge is converting her to one of them."

Demon Bound (Book 3) -
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5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars

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5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful, sensual and insightful supernatural story. December 26, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
"This third book of the series was powerful, sensual and an insightful plot, full of suspense and conflict that was a delight to read.

There is many secrets and entertainment all packaged in a modern trilogy that haunts the reader's mind. The ending was a fiery climax, yet as the series is full of secrets so is the future of this author's creativity, this story was a stimulating and entertaining trilogy of the supernatural. Highly recommend this author if you are into a wild ride of reading and increased heartbeats as each character is faced with a confrontation and a sigh when the story concludes or does it?"
Seducing a Mermaid (Novelette)

Review on Amazon

Wow is what this reader can say about this short novella, no more like a teaser. It is breath taking written portrait with human language, description of poetic justice. It is about a painter and his object of delight, a mermaid, they become so immensely enmeshed emotionally, physically and spiritually with each, he can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

Questioning if she a figment of his imagination, yet there is evidence he is not going insane, the kitchen floor is wet with her dripping watery substance and the unforgotten vague sense of her feminine existence surrounds him and pours into his pores and is taunting him every living moment they are apart.

He is so caught in the siren's beauty and song, he becomes obsessed with her and feels completely lost when she disappears without a word. He is attracted to her, first as a subject for his desire to paint alluring pieces for his uprising art gallery opening and then as an urgency that he feels lost and abandoned and has to be with her to breath, or suffocate in the despondency of losing her forever. .

He tries to separate from his eternal goddess of a woman from his delusion by leaving the cursed house by the sea for a brunch with his sister. He hears and senses the desperate longing for her and no other woman will take place of his fantasy. He decides to not stay with sister but to go back to the house by the sea. Everyone is afraid for him and declares for him not to go cross the waters in the stormy weather.

The thunder and lightning of the darkening skies only compelled him more than ever to return back to the Island by the sea and be with his reality or fantasy dream.

The skies are blackening quickly, the thunder is loud and the transport vessel with the old wise coot is not dependable, it is thrown around in the water like a toy boat. The character Sam desires her touch then to live without her it burns his soul to the depths of indescribable longing and he yearns to touch her once more.

The twist at the end was so enriching and the story ended too quickly.

This is a literary masterpiece with an artistic touch of delightful humanistic insight and written as a supernatural story. It had my Irish roots singing as it reached into the depth of this reader's soul in the midst of a thunderstorm and a drinking a glass of wine. This reader was taken away for too brief of a time for a wonderful escape of a gifted writer's mind and will be looking for other works by this insightful and tender but amazing writer.


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