Monday, March 11, 2013

Get Lucky ...for St. Patrick's Day March 16th-17th, 2013

As a book lover I saw this post on Facebook and my heart went thump, thump, faster and faster, almost became dizzy, for as a reader when the Indie Authors are generous we received gifts, call books. Books to read and cherish. Of course it all hush and hush, which authors were involved. Then as I was savouring this comment a new comment popped up. Author Karli Rush, of the  Bound Series is involved and she is offering her first book of the trilogy, Crescent Bound.  Now that hints to this reader's eyes that other authors of the supernatural, paranormal, romance and probably all genres will be sacrificing actually let their readers know how much they are appreciated and everyone will Get Lucky.

 I will have my beer ready and be at the event as the sun rises on the 16th, will you?  Time for Spring and find new authors and new genres, or to fall back on your favorite and support Indie Authors, get a gift, give a review, and when you have the dinero- $$$ buy their own books. And Keep Indie Authors Literature Alive. Author Karli Rush is in my top ten of authors. In fact I will link the review I did. Her books as well as the authors are of light and dark and has such insight.
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    • Getting Lucky Everywhere
    • Hello, darlings!

      March 16th and 17th (Saturday and Sunday) I'll be hosting an event to promote dozens of your favorite indie authors.

      Everyone is ponying up to the bar and laying down free stories for you to get drunk on - myself included. I hope you'll come by and hang with us and download tons of freebies you can read at your leisure. As we get closer to the event, I'll have a list of books available St. Pat's weekend.

      This is my very first event on a Good Irish Girl I thought it was be gentle with me. I don't drink so I am the perfect designated driver while you darlings giggle and dance naked on tabletops. I can keep a cool head - and take photos. *wink*

      Hope to see you there!

      Much love,
      Shayne ♥
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