Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horror Fans Asylum final day of the event and the Winner is Congratulations to everyone who entered.

Well the promotion for the Horror Fans Asylum is over and the best author of the year was decided, and the votes in, we are to  all congratulate  Carmilla Voiez, 1st place, Bryan W. Dull as 2nd and Emily Goodwin as 3rd place.  go to this link to preview the other runner-up winners and all authors who contributed.

Now for the 3rd place winner is Emily Goodwin with 18 points. That means we will know the 2013 winner very soon

2nd place goes to Bryan W. Dull with 20 points. Congratulations a job well done, you will also receive an event shirt with mug.



Joseph Gelinas   1st Place  
1st place Carmilla Voiez
The HFA is pleased to introduce the 2013 Author of the Year....Carmilla Voiez with 27 points. Congratulations a job well done your package will be sent. We are so happy for you....

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