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Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds (Volume 1)

Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds (Volume 1)
Liberty, justice, equality, and freedom are eas

***This book is one of those when life is sending you a message,and it appears. You should listen; It is a message that we are united as one. Should view life's trials with an open mind. We all have childlike wonder of faith, instilled in each of us, that is hidden or asleep. An energy we all carry inside us. Life is a challenge and we are here to learn and grow to share this knowledge. It is a very descriptive diary. An exploration and a walkabout of America and other exotic locations.

He details the country's beauty and the kindness of strangers all combine to assist a wounded soul, to be released from past wounds. Unchained from societal rules. Learn to shed it all along with the emotional baggage that holds one back from discovering their full potential.

The author wrote a book, a diary which includes expressive pictures, of his discoveries. The important symbolism of living in the moment, regarding number 3, a spiritual number and other wisdom. Which compels readers to rethink about their life's objectives.

It speaks of the universal symbolism and the energies we as humanity have untapped, dominant inside of us. We need to explore passions and life's gifts, to unlock mysteries. His perspectives have the reader ponder their life purpose.

Highly recommend this to readers in a rut, lost on the path of life looking for more than the rat race grind. It suggests that one has to be daring and break away from societal chains and stereotyped beliefs. This very insightful story opens the reader's eyes and heart to not take life for granted. To take a breath and view the earthly realm,and humanity as the wonders they are. All humanity and the planet in their magnificent wonderment. To appreciate the gifts awaiting one who dares to think outside the box. Compassion is written throughout the whole book. This is heartwarming and very educational.

The story continues as the author travels to places, and describe the beauty of the scenery and people and the meaning of interaction. He describes with questions how to connect with your inner wisdom. He advises to look for the signs of awakening.

He describes it is a light, of awareness. This book was a stimulating read. It is a young man's discovery of healing and connecting with each others. To discover purpose, to exchange energy and grow in knowledge, meanwhile doing something you love to do.

Compassion- It allows us to transcend the limiting stories that we and our society have created for ourselves. When we show true compassion, we create a powerful love vortex for ourselves and others to step into and this elevates us out of victim consciousness and into the empowered co-Creator consciousness of the Universe." This story is a man's journey to release the past wounds and connect to the energies that helps move one forth in their spiritual investigation and exploration."

This is an intriguing tale and if one listens and practices the words of wisdom in it, there would be more light in the universe, and love which this world needs more than ever."

Okay found a way to upload the picture, my camera was low on charge. Now back to finished the last paragraphs. This book is amazing, it has secrets that will assist anyone in need of encouragement. The author speaks how to move beyond the emotional drama of your child and adult hood, the crises that hit you with no warning. That we all have an inner guiding tool, energies and spiritual calling. It can be awakened by living in the moment and observing the blessings around you and helping another. First to love yourself and give yourself a break from all the wounds inflicted by others.

Book Description

July 13, 2012
Follow along with My Human Compassion (MHC) who is on a life long transcending light quest to give humanity the tools for healing before its collective journey heads into extinction. What can we do to make life more fair? Should we rid all attachments to have everything in one backpack? Could we abandon home to randomly roam the country? I discovered healing and personal transformations through the number 3 which equals AUM (universal sound vibrations telling us that everything is in constant change) evolutionary approach to heal old wounds so we can own new life foundations of success and happiness! Healing energies of 3, 333, and AUM are in everyone and everything. My diaries are founded on carefully selected 3-based words, 3-guided chapter headings, and a $13.33 price. This diary/book stories of people, places, and events cannot be put down. It's questions, answers, and truths are impossible to forget. The spiritual power of 3-transforms you’re journey into spiritual awakening. Let me teach you how to use the healing number 3 in your life!

3 Pictures of my joy

Liberty, Justice, Equality
and Freedom
theme of book and

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