Tuesday, October 9, 2012

50 Hours by E. Marie Seltenrych

This book was brilliant with insight of human psychology, entertaining and pack with many twists. It is a non stop thrilling drama, suspenseful story of interesting characters. Three women on a holiday tour caught into a tricky situation and have to use their life long experiences and wits to survive a horrid ordeal. It has humour, insights and a spiritual tone that touches the inner core of the reader. This author wrote how they thought of inspiring ideals to live during each day.

This story surrounds three hopeless souls, women who struggle through their personal trials and survive. And live to be able to breathe again and look forward to a new day. It is a deep insightful look into the human struggle and what one would do to escape a harsh reality. Many details of three strangers was chilling. And what they did to live through their imprisonment and how they cooperate together to survive being jailed in a foreign country was interesting. And the ordeal was taxing to them but with faith, inner strength and belief they achieved their objective to survive and believe justice will prevail.

This is the synopsis: "3 Aussie middle-aged women caught red handed with drugs at Denpasar Airport, end up in a cell where they contemplate the death penalty. As they share together they reveal secrets from their respective pasts; criminal elements emerge. Merging their skills they plot an escape, which is foiled. Facing the death penalty they cling onto their belief that justice will prevail."

This reader enjoyed it, it gave a glimpse of inside a foreign prison and the human strength it took for the ladies to survive.

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