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From a Far Land (Jaben's Rift) G. David Walker Review and Free Books Today

Was a delightful surprise written by an Indie Author. It is of sci-fiction genre, but this reader wonders if the author was also thinking of supernatural elements to add to the plot. Jason Bennett is a teenager on vacation with his family and relatives in Scotland and he is bored of the adult talking goes off on a hike. Like all teenagers curiosity got him and he was attracted to an antique building and a shining light. He dares to follow the light and opens the door which is not another room rather it is a strange and mysterious world. He walks through in another dimension and realizes too late he may be trapped unless he finds another portal to go back home again. Meanwhile he has no choose but to adjust to his new and wondrous adventure.

He receives help from a mysterious Reyga, a Loremaster who takes him under his wing. Reyga is willing to train the lad the magic secrets of their world if he is willing to learn. Thus the adventure begins Jason is introduced to many new experiences and other worldly aliens. He is in the midst of a conspiracy and does not know which side to choose.

There is intrigue, suspense as the Loremasters and the outsiders' battle against each other by manipulative magic abilities and warring devices. The Loremasters are not reassured of Jason's loyalty and if he may or not be the future prophet coming to save or destroyed their world. The traitors behind the strategic attacks are watching and waiting for the right moment to conquer the world and it's capital, Telerian where the high ones are enclosed in safety for their have the key to all knowledge and command only certain individuals can have authority to utilized the knowledge which causes a chaotic rift in more ways than one; dividing the races of creatures in us against them, thus if something is not agreed upon in time the end may be on the horizon.

Question; will Jason and his allies are able to defeat the dark shadows and regain their authority or lose all. This reader was compelled to find out the conclusion and enjoyed the hours of reading this inspiration story and was so impressed with the quality of details like the writer was trying to create a world where one can walk through a portal and be part of it. The plot was easy to follow and there is more here than a sci-fiction story. You will have to see for yourself and check out this author's Amazon's page to find out more about this creative author who is able to grasp all elements of existence and combine them in a spun tale of pure magic.

In the author's words; It was a prophecy given over eight hundred years before. From a far land, Jaben shall come. The last to arrive, he will already be here. Powerful and powerless, Our hope and our doom are in his hands.

The unique and colorful characters, Jason Reyga, and other Loremasters and of course the female healers and secondary character the brave chameleon creature of the Shanthi race; her name is Lenai, she Jason's guardian and committed to her assignment to protect the far lander with her life. They are leery of each other until in desperation they have to join forces against the dark foes and then so much magic occurs it brought joy to this reader's mind. The story continues and the relationships between Jason and the aliens go through many personal storms until at the conclusion the truth is unveil and then they will or will not come together to save the capital city, Telerian and the rest of the world.

Jason experiences a range of human emotions from fear to joy and in-between as he witnesses many events and feels hopeless. The rebels are winning and will take authority of Telerian and possibly destroy Jason's world, Earth to have complete dominance of the universe. There is a mysterious watcher waiting to choice sides; will he/she assist or kill the young visitor, Jason and will he seek his capabilities before this world and earth are annihilated.

This reader was introduced to this phenomenal writer through a Goodreads monthly book contest and was attracted to the cover and seeing the word Scotland in the first paragraph and my mind was hook and I am so pleased to find a gem among sci-fiction since it is not usually not my genre to read. Highly recommend this author and surprise he has more stories to enjoy.  free free with coupon RB57Y. 

The first two books of Jaben's Rift (From a Far Land // Altered Intentions) are now out and available. 
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