Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebration and Donations for BCRF. Org

 Update: All are invited to the Facebook Event on the 30th-31st of October, thank you ever so much from the wicked authors of Careful What You Wish For.

It was such an honour to promote so many authors on Message to My Children 2 Fantasy Escapism, this past year. The Friday Nights Promotions with India Was One, Darkness and Light, Crescent Bound and Seducing a Mermaid, were my first three, and Then I did others, need to go check events, Michelle Ann Hollstein, for her Aggie Underhill sleuth series of books and her supernatural book, Awakenings. Did one for Jennifer Hirtler, A Past of A Marked Man. Marie Seltenrych, children's and other books  and Promoted two artists, Kevin Macleod, a great composer and musician and Cat Le Flynn, an artist and others. Bob Dixon of Mouch and Company; available at, and others. 

I would like to thank, Elisabeth Tilton for creating the guest book for our last promotion and she is anticipating her arrival of her new book in the next twelve hours. Congratulations.

I truly enjoyed promoting them and developing a theme with them to showcase their books and services. I relished in gathering the knowledge and data, videos, music and information relating to each other’s book or service. It has lifted many spirits to know that other see their works in the lime light, on center stage and whipped around all the social media channels to be shared with many wonderful readers.

There are so many people I want to thank you for encouraging me to be zany and cooperate with me to present some very entertaining parties and celebrations. When I was in the darkness, these saviors came to the rescue. If I forgotten someone name please forgive me and I will honor all with their links again next month.

This month I am so proud of to be a chosen author, with my limited skills to write a short piece in an anthology with six wicked authors who are way above my league in writing. They have come together to write an anthology to help a worthy charity, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. org.
Authors Karli Rush, Mina J. Moore, Michelle Matkins, Laura Martinez, Jennifer Cowsert, this anthology is supernatural, horror and romance. I am honor to promote this even if I was not an author in it. Author has a ring to it.This promotion is for the Anthology and also it is for Breast Cancer Research, all profits of sold books will go to the charity and it is bringing the Indie Community, Authors, and readers together to help another.

So the six wicked authors are celebrating the 7 days countdown to publication date, October 31st, Halloween for the coming out date at local retailers. For $2.99, think how many people stricken by this terrifying culprit will be assisted with financial and possible experimental cures.

So all please come to this link and find out more:

Then to, to enjoyed and dare to see who entered the Haunted House to fight the creatures of the night. They are wonderful Bloggers of Lee-Ann Graff Vinson’s page at Gypsy Shadow Publishing . . ., Coral Russell, of Amador Lockdown
Stephen Hise of Indies Unlimited

The guests of the Haunted House

(Special Edition with additional scenes from screen adaption) Penelope Crowe: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Visit's Penelope Crowe Page and shop for all Penelope Crowe books and...See More

100 Unfortunate Days

Illustrated edition. If you stumbled upon the diary of a stranger you might b Profile for De Ann Townes Jr.
Internationally Acclaimed Author, Brian D. Anderson: INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR, DOUG LUCAS Jonathan Gould: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
Visit's Jonathan Gould Page and shop for all Jonathan Gould books and...See More

Scary Listens from ACX | Audiobooks |

Happy Halloween: Listen to scary audiobooks from's ACX program.

Doug Lucas who is a phenomenal author, with his witty humor and has offer to bring his book to the light, in pdf, format, I will be highlighting him on the wall at MTMCFE2 this weekend.

There are so many, and the list will be increasing, there will entertainment, more donations, contests, make up Facebook creatures portraits and please visit the other wicked authors pages and all the gracious authors who contributed to a worthy cause and read an chilling anthology as a trick or treat.

We welcome bloggers, donations and readers of all forms.

Happy Halloween all, scream………………………….

Thank you to Ann Pearlman for the opportunity to bring this together by gifting me with a Kindle wildfire through your rafflecopter, as a fluke I won, so the money I was saving for one, went to a young editor and this is how the anthology was created, as the first step to last step. Thank you to Karli Rush and all the other authors of the anthology  It is warming to be Paying forward, heals the heart. Please think of the victims of Breast Cancer and purchase the anthology Care of What You Wish For, and/or donate to a worthy cause, I will add link, thank you

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