Monday, October 1, 2012

Wilderness Heart by Jacqueline Hopkins

This story was a soft romance with waves of dark secrets, lies, betrayal and forgiveness between an assertive female and what she thought was an arrogant hunter, Nic Randall. Lyn knew what she desires for her life and that was to stay independent and not become a puppet to another. Not to lose her identify and dreams of being an operator and guide for her family outfitting service.

Lyn Taylor is fierce and loyal to herself, father who was grieving for his lost wife and decides that she is responsible to keep the family business alive while her dad went through his period of grief. She is engaged to a man 12 years older than her age. He is becoming restless and showing his true colours and desires she quit her career and become his wife. She is torn in two does she settle down with a demanding man or break free and be her own person.

In the midst of the fork in the road, she has to prove herself to the males' species she was an experienced hunter and guide and some of the paying male customers are not pleased to have a woman guiding them into the rugged setting.

She may have met her match, with Nic Randall at first appearance who came off as a rude woman hater with his complaints about women were not able to be good company in the wilderness. His arguments, they could not be quiet and chase the prey away, wore too much make-up and even bought an electric hair dryer with them in the wilderness where there was no electricity, which did not make sense to him. He was turned off with inviting woman on hunts with him.

She was different and has to prove herself to this hard headed man that she was the opposite of what he perceived women to be in the wilderness. The story plots along smoothly and then the author increased the tension like a flame and heightening the fire between the two with suspenseful events, dark secrets, mysteries and electricity between the two main characters.

The author wrote the story with the style of a believable tone of expression to let the reader feel the tension and conflict between the two and it was sizzling hot and cold. There were hints of attraction between the two. Yet conflicts too, that Lyn was foolish to think any man would let her be herself. To worked as a guide and go out in the Idaho wilderness with males, without being jealous and controlling of her actions. Plus he convinced himself there was the arguments of too many opportunities of something bad occurring to her if she did not have her father's best friend Carl along as the second guide.

His, I told you so predictions came true, especially when there was booze available and time on their hands. As if his predictions came true, one after another event proves what he thought was true about women being a hindrance in the wild, and she was placed in sticky situations and was suborn and puts herself into danger and he has to rescue her. He should be mad at her but she grows on him with witty and sarcastic attitude and her moments of vulnerability peeking through, but she was professional all the way through the trip.

Nic with a soft interior inside and rough exterior outside became protective of Lyn as she proved herself to him to be an expert as a guide and kept herself under control in tricky situations. He ponders did he came to Idaho under a ruse of a hunting trip for his father's sake to scout out the beautiful wilderness for it enriching timber for their family business and may of found his life mate. Lyn who became aware of his fake ruse he booked for a hunting trip when he was undercover working for his dad and when she confronted him with the truth, the fireworks really go off between the two.

This book was a delightful forge into soft romantic conflict that became a sizzling fire, it was refreshing read, a reader's dream of fantasy come true, I wish. My heart rate increased with the close encounters and the passion between the two. It was like when after a heavy rainfall and the sun peeks out and the lilies and lilacs' give off that perfume fragrance and a fun escape into the Wilderness Hearts of two opposite's fiery characters that come to a rocky but united bond during the journey of discovering themselves and the Idaho wilderness.

I highly recommend this light read for all the romantics in us, gentlemen welcome too preview too and enjoy the male companionship of the men on a hunt with a sizzling romance in-between and your woman would enjoy sharing this plot with you of how two stubborn individuals in the worst of circumstances could forgive each other and look towards the future and you will have a common interest to maybe ignite the spark in your own relationship.

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  1. Thank you so much for your very kind and lovely words. You really understood where I was going with my story about Lyn and Nic. And thank you for taking the time to read their story and write a review.