Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lucky Charm by Valerie Douglas

This book Lucky Charm is oo, la, la, is it a romantic and suspenseful tale about two strangers who crossed paths under strange circumstances.

Ariel, the elfin lassie and the strong lad, Matthew who are in the midst of a mystery filled with corruption and dark secrets. They both suffer deep lost in their lives and like two ships passing in the night, coincidental or something more, unusual circumstances bought the computer technician and the private investigator together. He becomes her knight in shining amour, and she his safety line to enjoying, trusting loving life and believe in someone true. And he found someone to share dreams of a possible bright future with.

The plot was suspenseful as Ariel, the computer technician let's her guard down and saves the blond handsome stranger, Matthew from being beaten to a blood pulp by hired gangsters who are protecting the Big money fat cats behind the scenes of two financial institutions. The private investigator, Matthew is there because his long childhood friend, Bill called in the midst of the night, pleading for help, and then the next day he was found dead.

His death was declared a homicide, yet there was something hanky about it. So Matthew travels to his deceased friend's job and starts an uncover investigation. He wants to find out why Bill was murdered. The technician is there to installed computer software and she too has sneaking suspicions about the financial transactions of the company, and feels there is more to the eye then she can see.
The tension and romantic electricity between the computer technician who is grieving her own wounds and he, the private investigator, is oo, la, la. The reader needed a glass of ice water to cool down the temperature in the room.

The events of them being stalked, hunted and threatened by the gangsters kept the reader as the two are on edge, running and hiding to find sanctuary in each other's arms. Their relationship is hot/close and cold/distance bonding for fear of losing one another. Not willing to invested in another relationship to be hurt again and heart broken. The question, will these two acquaintances, strangers be able to jump the hurdles of their wounds. And heal their hearts and unite into a long term relationship while in the midst of being targets of the big fat cats, the executives and his henchmen.

The man and his associates dread the consequences of becoming laughing stocks of the financial industry, media and served prison time. The man at top of the chain is cruel and ruthless and he will use all of his intelligence, weapons of wits and the real ones to stop the two from attempting to crumble his empire.

This author was an expert at describing details that kept the reader entertained, it was a murder mystery with an investigator working on a case, and the romantic scenes were sensual and intense. I gave it four stars as a reader because the repetitive memories about Bill threw me off just a little. In all it was a compact action, romantic and suspenseful tale. Highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy mystery, corruption, and rescue damsel in distress, but it was a two way rescue, plus the addition of hot steaming action, written with eloquent style, all together a delightful read.

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