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Heed the Messages email and call for help Blog 4

As I am restless with the condition of the world today, I desired to find people who still believe in compassion and helping their fellow human  beings. Annie seems to be one of those, beats her own drum and follows her heart where ever it leads her. Crazy or a true believer, she walks the path that Jesus Christ alleges to have done. We need more caring compassionate and gentle people like her in the world fighting the darkness. She is full of wisdom and writes like a poet with a hint of truth, lessons and a calling to awakened the masses before it is too late, be it the coming of the Almighty or the self destruction of the human race.

I will enclosed her two previous emails, beginning with today's as it touched my heart and cries that someone, a church, sponsor, an employer, a good heart person sees this and helps her. In this season of resurrection, will you seek your divine spark and help someone today? thank you

ByHisGrace Ministry

12:08 PM (6 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Cat,

Love that name :))

I first want to say thank you for all you are doing.  It is so kind of you and no one has ever gone to bat for me or this ministry before.  Forgive me, it is very new for me to experience this.  

The couple can't give away the car.  The husband wishes he could but they have medical bills just like most people.  I wouldn't accept it either without paying something toward it anyway.  That is way too kind!   

I recall the days though when people did do that.  What was theirs was yours when anyone was in a bad spot. The world has changed much in my 51 years.  It is very sad to witness the things I do.  But, the Word of God says in the last days peoples hearts will wax cold. At times I try to imagine what the world would be like if we all joined as one to help our fellow neighbor.  We surely would not have empty foreclosed homes.  Nor human beings living like animals on the street.  It is sad to see families so separated too.  One falls on a hard time and people can't even rely on their own families anymore.  The meaning of self sacrifice has been taken out of this way of life.  So many are wrapped up in their own little worlds, they do not see the hardships others face.  

When I was driving, I would pay attention to much.  People walking by an old lady struggling to get into the market and not giving her a helping hand.  Heck, most of the time no one would hold the door open for her.  I would run up to her and say Mam can I help you?  Oh how the eyes would light up with joy and a big smile.  If people would just stop for 2 minutes and look around them.  They would be shocked to see what they pass by...

This is why I know that the messages the Lord has given me with regard to judgment coming to America will unfold.  Notice how when there is a horrific event, all gather to assist?  Recall 911 for example.  The world changed for just a bit.  We all looked at life differently.  People were kinder to one another, just for a bit.  Amazing that it takes the shock syndrome to wake people up to be united.  But as with every tragedy, it passes and things go back to what they were.  Self absorption.  So God will bring the judgments to 'shock' the people, but in a much bigger manner.  It is time America gets back to the basics.  Loving one another.  

Tomorrow I am heading out to Chicago taking 3 trains and a bus.  I NEED to begin this.  It aches my heart at all I have researched thus far.  If I have to just take as much as I can carry with my camera to do the witnessing and interviews for the next month, I will do it.  I am literally choked up inside knowing how badly these people are living.  Did you know the number one requests homeless people have?  Socks.  Because their shoes are so worn out and if they are not wearing socks, their feet get blisters and infections.  Or they get boot rot is what I read.  They are grateful for socks, can you believe it?   Huh majority of people if they can't find the "missing sock" they just throw it away.  Honestly, so many do not know how good they have it.  

All I see today is people's noses glued to their smart phones.  Walking, standing, driving.  All wrapped up in a hand held device.  Heck most people won't buy a new car unless it has bluetooth in the car so they can continue to "talk" as they drive.  It is sad, isn't it?

I am praying for you S for your health.  I am not calling it out by name for I am not going to identify it.  I only identity healing in a persons life.  Amen!  So yes, I am praying for a complete healing in your life.  As in the Lords prayer - On earth as it is in Heaven.  There is no sickness in Heaven.  Our Lord and Savior bore all on His body for us.  Not just our sins, but all.  We must walk in that victory also.  

I have "things" too but refuse to acknowledge them.  I continue to speak life.  :))

Anything I write you, yes you can use in your blogs.  I think that is what you meant a couple of emails ago?  As far as the interview I would love that!  I don't know what I will be discussing though with a presidential candidate?  The condition of this world?  Phew I can talk for hours on that subject!  :))   I would be honored though!  Where ever the Lord takes me.  

Again, thank you SO much for all you are doing.  I am so grateful, you have no idea!  

Okay gotta get ready for the PACE bus.  I need to pick up a few things at the dollar store for tomorrow's journey.  

God bless you!

previous email

Hi S,

Thank you so much for doing this for me!  I am in tears...  What is more unbelievably awesome is the amount you put forth.  I was just alerted of the following:

I have one of my son's friends parents that are willing to sell me their 2007 Honda Accord that has only 58,600 miles on it and are willing to sell it to me for $5000.  It was the lady's Mom's car and she hardly drove it anywhere.  I looked it up on the Kelly blue book and am shocked they were willing to sell this to me at such a cheap price, so I called them.  I spoke to the husband and he heard my story through his son and wanted to help.  He said he would love to give it away for free but they are encountering medical bills and can't.  But are willing to do that low price.  So I ask you to PLEASE pray that God will supply/provide the means to obtain this vehicle.  I took a look at it and it is perfect.  Took my daughters friend who is a mechanic and he stated it's in impeccable condition. And Honda's last forever!  I am praying so hard.  I believe GOD brought this across my path to really heighten my faith and to pray.  

You and one other person I have told about this cause I just found out.  I will not do a video about it cause I know how people are when it comes to situations like this.  Susanna, you know they pay Pastors million dollars a year to run a church, some have million or multi million dollar homes, jets, you name it.  Here I am a simple woman just wanting to make a hard hitting difference in the needs of human life on the streets.  I am all prepared.  I have the care packages all put together.  I have studied and researched everything possible of how to even teach women who are homeless on the streets - to be safe.  I know that I know, GOD is leading me further once this documentary is done.  It's like the first step.  My heart and passion has always been for the homeless, for the poor.  I pray I come across with that passion in the YouTube videos.

One of the hotel workers here at where I stay said to me today as I was coming back in from looking at the car... said how's it going?  I told her.  She said you know it's amazing to see a semi homeless woman on fire to go out and help those that are totally homeless.  She said I can see this hitting the news!  LOL  She said it's the perfect story.

As I sat here praying to God about the car and everything the young woman's words came up in my spirit.  It would be the perfect story!  I have heard of testimonies similar, but nothing like this.  I laughed and said to the LORD wouldn't that be something and I got such a peace and assurance in my spirit like that is where it's heading.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!!  This link is incredible!  Thank you!!

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