Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heed the Message (helping one another to spiritual awakening)

If I were to blog my life story, it would be a therapeutic healing from many wounds, physical and emotional that I have carried over 50 years. It starts as a baby born in the Christmas season to dysfunctional parents. Mom a mentally unbalanced woman with a thirst for alcohol, violence and verbal abuse. A Irish dad and  workaholic who deny the abuse behind closed doors. Why I write this as my introduction because when I listened to Annie of heed the message.com testimonial, I felt as if a kindred spirit was speaking to me.
I have experienced many sorrowful events in my youth, into adulthood. Abuse, domestic violence and homeless. Now I struggled with a illness which is still undefined to cause and cure, multiple sclerosis. Yet, in all of my darkness, even as a young child, cold, afriad and hungry, there was a divine spark, a quiet presence holding my heart and broken spirit in his hands. A gentle father to reassured me I was not alone and loved.
Be it a phantom, delusion or true Holy Ghost sent by an unseen presence or the Almighty and his son this divine spark has aided me in the darkness of darkness journeys. Alcoholism, drug abuse and self destruction it was there. In dangerous situations it was there. In loss of loved ones, and all the traumas the flame stay with me. I would loss hope and be angry and with a sense of humor he would sent an angel like Marie, Paula, and others to reignited my dying flame.
This spark burns in my soul, asked me to create books and sites under message to my children 2. An outlet to help and promote others and teach through love. I had done this. Now my spirit craves to aid a courageous warrior Annie and her daughter on their mission to spread the messages and help the homeless. Heedthemessage.com. please go to her site and see her testimony and open your hearts and wallets donate to a worthy charity. Passover and Easter is here and coming. All faiths welcome, we each have a life journey and stories to share.  Help the ministry through donations, $, items or suggestions. By the way, she did not ask for this assistance. I decided to aid her as my spirit soars with her and the divine spark in my soul. <3 br="" nbsp="">


in the darkness, my heart, spirit and mind were broken,
so shattered there was no more hope.
 No reason to continue on.
I called upon the Father and his son for mercy.

A light slowly entered me and  lite the dying flame in my heart,
 and hope came alive.
I cried and spoke to the inner voice,
it was as if my Earth father was with me, and I felt
his loving compassionate warmth of his huge arms hug and surrounded me. 

All was well again, it was  a difficult journey through the sorrows and darkness,
  one thought would never end, and we know there is another in the wings waiting for me and you,
  but nothing is impossible if we believe in the Father and his son, 
the divine spark in each of us.  Please think on this thought and help blessings 
to come to Annie and her ministry. 

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