Thursday, April 24, 2014

Heed the Message ( On my Heart, a courageous woman) was one of the seven blogs written in Holy Week, Passover and Easter asking for help with an Internet ministry, Heed the run by Annie, a single semi homeless mother residing in a long extended hotel residence. After she suffered tremendous loss and set backs, she became homeless. In her desperation she could of  become selfish and thought only of herself, become bitter and turned away from God and humanity, but she did not, instead she turned towards the Almighty and his Son, and chosen to assist others in bad circumstances who were unfortunate to become homeless, ones whom lived paycheck to paycheck, became unemployed due to bankrupt companies, downsizing and even illness and were fired. Natural weather and other disasters also caused folks to be homeless.

As you realized the job market is suffering and the unemployment rates are very high in many states, not enough jobs for the people and families with degrees and skills. Manufacturing jobs that should stay in America are being sent overseas and employers are hiring foreign labor workers at lower wages. Our educational system is downgrading their standards of learning, and requiring less from students creating unproductive workers. Technology is advancing at a fast pace and employees have to keep ahead of their competition to keep their jobs, working longer hours, sacrificing quality time with their families, and dying younger, leaving single mothers to fend for their families.

The stressful existence of not knowing if you will have a job tomorrow, causes domestic violence and addictions to rise in dysfunctional families, leaving significant others no choice but to leave and they become homeless.  There is all sorts of discrimination going on, from educational, to credit scores and back ground searches and such, that many applicants seeking jobs, are turned away before they can prove their worth to an employer.

Then again, yes there are the mentally, physically handicapped and disabled, and the chronic junkies, yet there the homeless veterans who sacrificed their lives for our liberty and freedom. The elderly on fixed incomes and the ill who lost everything due to medical bankruptcy. These folks are trapped in the vicious cycle of bureaucracy and social agencies with waiting lists longer then our arms, some two years or more, waiting for Section 8 vouchers. The ones assigned to homeless shelters are being placed in dangerous environments, watch the documentary link below to understand why someone would rather sleep outdoors . Not to mention, the families who chose to sleep in their cars and the perils they face everyday.

Victims sitting as lame ducks to be prey upon, by evil psychopaths criminals and perverts. Innocents children become targets of these soulless monsters. Can you ever imagine the terror all those good folks experienced as they live day  by day, cold, hot, hungry, filthy and jobless, or have no financial resources or support systems to help them get out of the terrifying abyss.

We as a society have became cold hearted and distant from caring for others. Thinking someone eles will take care of  these unlucky, useless and unwanted people, as society calls.  These folks could be a family member or a loved one, and yet you all fear to contribute to a charity because you do not know where your donations are going, some of yous have been burnt and heard rumours and truths about the money being abused  by charities, afraid to open the purse strings, then go to the local dollar store and purchased the items yourselves listed in Annie's documentary and mail them to her or even to send a gift certificate could help. Her ministry accepts PayPal donations too.

I feel in my heart and by others testimonials on her website Annie of Heed the is not ones of these schemers. She is a Child of God, a warrior and cares for the homeless and is working on starting a homeless ministry. She even started to film a documentary about the homeless, watch the link below and preview the truth for yourselves. So please reconsider where your limited disposable income if going and use it instead to help a courageous woman with a mission, share the love and help a human being once again rise from their struggles and give them hope, make someone day and become a contributor to a worthy ministry.


The Lord has instructed me to put up “audio” messages of what He has given me via visions, dreams and my prophetic journals.
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